Thursday, October 11, 2007

Nesivor Shalom

Aleph to Tav: "A source from the Holy Zohar was used to explain how there is a connection to the Sphierot of Chesed to Avraham, Yakov to Tiferet, and Yitzchak to Gevurah. The word Tikkune was also read which our host translated as 'fixing' and also the concept of Tikkune Olam (the fixing or correction of the World) was brought out, I believe from our Holy Zohar ( A primay Kabbalistic source). Readers Digest type synopsis: The sin of Kayin (Cain) killing his brother Abel, had its foundation in Envy. Kayin was jealous that his brother's offering was accepted and not his. The sin which was crouching at Kayins door was that of envy. It was brought out that envy can even rot the bones. Suffice it to say that envy is a very serious negative quality, which is capable of taking a person out of this world!"

Okay, so what about Noach?
A lot has been written about the waters of Noach. One thing mentioned was desire. The hebrew word word for desire is Taiva. The hebrew word for Noah's Ark is Teva. Much was expounded upon, and I am still struggling to understand the meaning of the "Waters of Noach". Therefore I will play it safe, and stop here.

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